Since 1982, the Foundation has served the public and policymakers as a source of information on natural health and health freedom.  Our philosophy – Health is the Wealth of All.

The Foundation for Health Research educates the public on, and advances the knowledge of, health and health-related matters, with an emphasis on alternative healthcare and nutrition.


The Foundation has a large library encompassing many books, new and old, on the subjects of alternative health and healthcare, nutrition, dietary supplements, homeopathy and fasting, as well as on individual liberty and the rights of individuals to choose for themselves what healthcare actions to take, whether they be preventative or during a treatment stage.  Because of its large library, the Foundation is also known as the NHF Memorial Library.


The Foundation for Health Research’s Library is the trusted holder of some of the most priceless magazines and books on alternative medicine and health in print.  We proudly possess one of the largest Alternative Medicine libraries in the nation.


Needed Now! – help get these magazines, rare books and other information online.

The Foundation gratefully accepts all donations – including appropriate books for its library – which donations are tax-deductible depending upon your tax status.


We are so grateful to YOU.  Thank you for your support and allowing us to be your information source for health.